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  Robert Laing

Open Data: Support


As a continued part of our Open Data initiative, we’re launching a new page on our website dedicated to showing you the real numbers behind what makes Gengo work. To start, we’re including data around our support operations, from …

  Robert Laing

Interactive Guide: Business Cultures of the World


At Gengo, we’re a mix of Silicon Valley, Tokyo, Melbourne and a dozen other places, so getting to know how different cultures do business is particularly interesting to us. After I moved to Japan from the UK seven years ago, …

  Nozomi Umenai

New! Japanese to Thai


As Gengo’s new Marketing Manager for Japan, I’m happy to announce that we recently opened up a new language pair, Japanese to Thai, now available through our order form.

With last year’s Visa Exemption Arrangements for Thai nationals wishing

  Charlie Rosas

Faces of Gengo: Sebaey


Already an established chemist in his home country of Egypt, our latest Face of Gengo decided to pursue English so that he could publish his research in international scientific journals. Now a married father of one, Sebaey translates part-time in …

  Shawn Smith

Go at Gengo


At Gengo, the engineering team is constantly working to create a better experience for our customers and translators. One of the ways we’re doing this is by using more of our favorite new technologies such as Go, an open source programming language.

  Tina Koyama

Olé, Olé, Olé! A World Cup Infographic


As an avid world soccer fan and Gengo’s Art Director, I’m excited to present our very own infographic dedicated to the World Cup: Timeline of Champions: 85 Years of Soccer.

I grew up in Switzerland, where soccer is a …

  Jay Trinidad

Open Data: Gengo by the Numbers


Back in 2008, we were a much smaller company. We rang in 2009 just shy of 50 translators who had completed 3,405 words total. Almost six years later, we’re at an incredible 10,800+ translators and over 200 million words translated. …

  Sarah Siwak

Faces of Gengo: Azman


Azman, an English to Malay Senior Translator living in Kuala Lumpur, fell into translating after a long career in IT. He began as a hobbyist, translating old Malay literature on his blog, but soon decided that he preferred spending his days …

  Matthew Romaine

Gengo-dō: How to Get More Done on Business Trips


A business trip should never be a waste . There’s really no excuse, no matter how long or short the travel.

Over the past year, I’ve shifted from the day-to-day responsibilities as a CTO to traveling and sharing the Gengo story. …

  Ken Yamada

No Machines Allowed: Four Tips for
Great Global SEO


In a time when most people find new products and services online, search engine optimization (SEO) is critical to great marketing.

Marketers often pour immense resources into SEO, from targeting great keywords down to structuring solid URLs. What most overlook, …