Zendesk + Gengo: Easy international support

Adobe, Xerox and Airbnb are just a few of the 30,000+ global companies that use Zendesk’s powerful help desk software. Now, with the Gengo-powered Transfluent plugin, a single support agent can easily handle customer inquiries across multiple languages, right on the Zendesk dashboard.

Here’s how it works: Antonio, Gengo’s English-speaking support agent in California, receives a Japanese language ticket. Instead of waiting 12 hours for the Japanese team to come online, he can read it using Zendesk’s automatic machine translation or opt to use human translation for greater accuracy.

He submits his English response for translation using the translation plugin. Requests in up to 56 core language pairs go through Gengo, but Transfluent offers extended support in up to 80 languages. Once it’s ready, he can easily copy and paste the translation into his reply. All before the Japanese team wakes up, Antonio’s tackled this support ticket and can move on to the next.


Multi-language support is a key part of a successful globalization strategy. Plugging Gengo-powered translation into Zendesk helps your support agents work more efficiently and keep customers from all corners of the globe happy.

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Kay Pham

The author

Kay Pham

Kay is Director of Business Development at Gengo. She's spent 10+ years in tech with a strong product management focus. She's passionate about innovation and has brought to market leading-edge products at companies like Yahoo!, Genentech and eHealth. She continues her passion here as she seeks to help bridge the language gap and extend compelling solutions across borders.

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