YouTube integrates with Gengo for caption translation

In September last year, YouTube launched a cool feature, for video owners to machine-translate their captions (subtitles) into any language.

Now it gets even better. From today, Gengo is working with YouTube to provide human translation of captions, at professional-level quality. All managed through the YouTube UI.

Here’s how it works: Upload a video, and create captions for it using YouTube’s simple tool. Choose the languages you want to translate your captions into. Complete your order on Gengo’s custom YouTube page. Your translations will be finished in a few hours, and automatically turned into captions on YouTube. Voila, global accessibility.

We think it’s the simplest and most affordable way ever, to offer videos to global audiences. It’s powered by a special API integration specifically for video captions, and of course, thousands of our pre-tested translators. Trial translations we’ve put through the integration have come back quickly and at high quality. It’s magic.

“In order to provide the best user experience for this feature, it was important for us find translation providers who have the technology to deliver affordable high quality translations. I’ve been impressed with the quality and speed of the translations that Gengo delivers.” Jeff Chin, Product Manager at Google.

As a founder of Gengo, I’m excited about this integration. It’s a great example of how you can use our API in a completely flexible way, and YouTube is obviously a great company to work with. We always imagined this kind of integration when we built the API, so it’s exciting to see it launch. We’ve also had a lot of fun planning and working with the team at Google, on an agile schedule and a short timeframe. I look forward to a number of other collaborations like this.

To get started going global on YouTube, check out our simple instructions.

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Robert Laing

The author

Robert Laing

Robert is one of Gengo's co-founders. He was born in Australia, and has lived in Melbourne, London, Hong Kong and Tokyo. Before founding Gengo, Rob was a designer and programmer, working for companies like, The Brand Union and Dare Digital in London. Robert speaks enough Japanese to get into trouble, but not enough to get out.

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  • Cyrus (from dare days)

    Damn Rob, that’s great. Good job!

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  • Is this post blog available in Portuguese? I’d like to link to it, but I think it would be more useful for my friends if it were in Portuguese. Thank you.

  • Ivan

    Fantastic! Hope we will have new dynamics in workflow from Gengo!

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