Snapshots from Gengo’s first-ever translator meetup

Just this week we hosted our first translator meetup here in Shibuya with our Tokyo-based translators. A true representation of our over 14,000-member community, the invitees comprised a diverse group of translators who had traveled from all across Tokyo, and even further afield, to attend.

As this was the first time a group of our translators had been together in one room, we had no idea what to expect. Would a war be waged across language pairs? Would translators drink Gengo dry? Instead, it was an inspiring event—translators of different languages, nationalities, ages and backgrounds, all sharing their experiences with us and with one another.


Apart from meeting our translators in person, the best thing about the event for me was seeing the people who are normally very much behind the scenes at Gengo—our engineers, data analysts and testers—having the chance to connect with our translators and hear firsthand how our product serves and can be improved for them.

From the lively question and answer session, it was clear to see that our translators are asking the same questions we ask ourselves at Gengo on a daily basis, and are trying to solve the same problems.


We love having an active, engaged and open community, and our translators’ enthusiasm and willingness to take part is really important to us. We feel very lucky to have had the chance to meet some of you in person, and we’re working toward holding more events in the future, both in Japan and beyond.

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Megan Waters

The author

Megan Waters

Megan manages all things translator-related as Gengo’s Community and Digital Content Manager. Born in South Africa but now based in Tokyo, she’s passionate about languages and people. Megan spends her free time exploring secondhand shops, camping in the mountains and hosting the occasional dinner party.

  • Hope that HQ will arrange for that :)

  • How about in Malaysia and other Asean countries?

    • Josh Ho

      I’d love to meet up with other Gengo translators in ASEAN region

      • I hope that HQ will arrange for that :)

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