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PhraseApp is a new translation management system for developers, founded in 2012 and based in Hamburg, Germany. Their aim is to make it simple, fast and reliable to localize an app or website into multiple languages. We love seeing innovative startups in the translation space like PhraseApp, and now their solution is even more powerful, because they’ve added a simple integration with the Gengo API. PhraseApp gives customers an easy to use translation management system, where you can review translations and leave comments for translators.

Developers will be happy to hear that they can download their translations in many popular localization file formats (like Po, Yaml and others). So there’s no need to worry about structure, content formatting or other administration hassles. And two things make PhraseApp unique:

First, PhraseApp Context View, a cool in-app editor, allows translators to see the context of your website and simply click and translate text in-place on the page. Any work that they do, is automatically saved and placed in your app. This attention to context allows great-quality translations, because translators can see exactly where their text will fit.

PhraseApp_features_translation-window-zoom_blog_2PhraseApp’s Context View

Second, PhraseApp is now integrated with Gengo, so PhraseApp users can log in and order professional translations into 36+ languages at a click of a button. Within seconds, jobs are sent to our 8,000-strong, pre-tested translator team, who complete work quickly and at high quality. Zero admin, zero searching for translators, zero emails, zero time wasted. For flawless translation of complex or large websites and apps, we recommend using Gengo as a first pass, and carrying a second review with your internal team or asking your users to check the translation.

I love this kind of helpful integration that makes people’s lives easier. Their unique approach to localization is already helping people globalize and we’re pleased that their integration with Gengo’s translation API is helping to get them there.

PhraseApp_features_split-eng-jpn_blog_2Just like that, your site is transformed into a different language.

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Robert Laing

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Robert Laing

Robert is one of Gengo's co-founders. He was born in Australia, and has lived in Melbourne, London, Hong Kong and Tokyo. Before founding Gengo, Rob was a designer and programmer, working for companies like Last.fm, The Brand Union and Dare Digital in London. Robert speaks enough Japanese to get into trouble, but not enough to get out.

  • Hi everyone,

    do You want to know the opinion from a PhraseApp client?

    In my opinion the service is stable, but the translation ordering process is horrible.

    In order to order translation of 1 phrase to 5 languages You need to
    – fill a form (3 dropdowns, optionally: 1 radio, 1 text field, 1 dropdown)
    – confirm it on a separate page
    – repeat it 4 times (You do the process separately for every language).
    All in all, 1 phrase to 5 languages means at least 10 page views.

    This UX seems very poor to me.

    If You had any questions let me know – I’ll be happy to help you. :)

  • Michael

    Looks like a great solution. Congrats on the cooperation!

  • Rebekka

    We are very happy about this partnership and about our great collaboration within the last weeks. Let’s gengo the world together!

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