Introducing the new order form

In the past, translation was slow, expensive and hard to access. But by combining technology with simple design, Gengo is helping anyone read and publish across languages with one click.
With our new order form, tasks like uploading multiple files, adding languages to translate into and deciding a translation quality level are easier than ever. The redesign is paired with our recent group job workspace release to keep translation simple for customers and translators alike.

Less, but better

Why change? Two main reasons: speed and quality.

Whether your order is a few words or hundreds of items long, with the new form it only takes a few seconds to add text to translate. To improve translation accuracy, we’ve provided better guidance around quality levels and translator instructions. We also rebuilt the order form from the ground up (Python and Node.js with WebSockets for asynchronous communication between the server and browser), which helped us make it both faster and more reliable at its core.
Ordering now takes place in three steps: text input, language selection and option customization.

Step 1: Enter text

On the first page, the new order form features multiple text input methods. You can either drag and drop files right onto the page or upload documents from your computer, making it possible to translate large volumes of content in the fastest and easiest way possible. If you’re not uploading anything, just start typing and the order form will pick it up.

Ordering multiple translations? All you need to do is click and type to add another set of text. If you delete anything during this stage, text restoration is easy from within the new on-page trash folder.


Step 2: Select target languages

Before, you could only select one target language at a time, making for fatigued fingers and a lengthier overall process. We now display all available languages on one page for fast, one-click language selection.


Step 3: Select quality and add comments

The third page is where you make your final customizations: select a quality level, request your favorite translators and add voice and tone instructions to accompany your order.


Standard, Business, Ultra? Get the right quality the first time around. We’ve taken the guesswork out of choosing which translation level is best suited to your content. After selecting a purpose (business, personal use, media content, etc.), we now automatically recommend which of our three quality levels you should use. For more information about what you can expect at each level, check out our Quality Policy.

You can still specify which level you prefer, and if your content category isn’t listed, under “other,” fill one in so that we can add it in the future.


Context is crucial when translating. In this section, you can link to social media accounts or company websites, give voice and tone instructions and describe your target audience for translators. While these brief comments may not seem like much, sometimes even a link to your website can make the difference between an okay translation and a great one.


Tell us what you think

We love designing products that enhance the quality, scalability and reliability of translation for our users, all in the service of helping the world communicate freely. Feel free to watch our video on the ordering process, or for a more detailed walkthrough, check out our support forum page. We’d love your feedback and hope we can surprise you with more great product updates soon!

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Sarah Siwak

The author

Sarah Siwak

Sarah manages content production for Gengo's marketing team. A native Detroiter and fluent trilingual, she's passionate about finding creative ways to communicate ideas across different media and languages. She spends her free time exploring digital worlds and whipping up late-night omelettes.

  • Mnotho

    How to become a member of Gengo member? I am a qualified translator in IsiZulu, Sepedi and English

    • Hi Mnotho, my apologies for the late reply. I sent you the details in a response to your inquiry to our Facebook page :) Hope they help!

  • I just happened to stumble across this today when uploading some strings, and I can honestly say it’s really quite fantastic.

    Nice work!

    • Gengo

      Happy you like it, James! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions at

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