Guide to Global Sales #2: Maximizing conversion

In the first step of our Guide to Global Sales, we reviewed different ways to attract relevant international traffic to your site.

Once you’ve attracted a global audience, the next step is to engage visitors and build their trust. Consider the following tips for boosting international conversion:

Build trust with translated user content

With widespread internet access and use growing day by day, more people than ever are creating their own digital content. Here, we’re defining user-generated content (UGC) as anything created about or in reference to a brand or company that comes from customers. This includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • User reviews
  • Comments, forums, & social pages
  • Fan/brand art (videos, illustrations, etc.)

Translating user-generated content for overseas audiences gives your global marketing content a local presence. From social media posts to raving user reviews, adding translated UGC makes the user experience all the more engaging and authentic for shoppers. It’s a given that added trust positively affects conversion rates, customer-company relationships and ultimately, international revenue.

Employ tailored offers

You should always tailor your content to the wants and needs of the people who are viewing it. Let’s compare this concept to brick-and-mortar retail businesses. Typically after a customer spends time browsing through a rack of shirts, you offer them assistance: “Can I help you finding the right size?” By offering customers help the moment they might really need it, they are more likely to accept it.

You can do the exact same thing on your online storefront. By referencing information about international customers’ geolocation, the page(s) they’re browsing, or their behavior, it’s easy to engage directly with them. Personalization contributes to meaningful and profitable customer interactions, in addition to deeper brand penetration in multiple markets.

As you gain more information about your visitors over time, you can better personalize the experience for their specific needs. For example, you can set up custom greetings for returning visitors and tell them it’s nice to have them back on your website. Once your customers feel that you already know something about them, they’ll perceive your brand and their experience in a more positive light.

Split test your translations

If you’ve ever used email campaigns to promote your business, then you’ve probably conducted A/B split testing. It’s a common way to test the effectiveness of different headlines, subject lines, calls to action and more.

Split testing is also useful in determining the best translation of your content. You won’t know if you’ve made sound decisions if you don’t have an idea of how your content was performing to begin with. Testing different translations can do wonders for international conversion rates, as well as maximize your translation return on investment.

Smart marketers recognize the need to build native brand experiences to make the international shopping experience as authentic as possible. Need help getting started? Contact us for a free consultation—we’re happy to help!

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