Gengo ❤️ Payoneer: A new translator payment option

Updated on 12 April 2018

Every month, we send payments to thousands of translators located in over 140 countries across the globe. Translators depend on easily accessible payments so we’ve made fast and reliable payments our top priority. For this reason, we’re happy to announce a partnership with Payoneer, giving our translators even more payment options and flexibility than ever before.

From June 20, Gengo translators can start using Payoneer to receive their rewards. What’s more, they can use Payoneer to receive Gengo rewards in their virtual account which can be accessed wherever they are in the world.

Payoneer removes the complexities of cross-border payments in today’s borderless digital world so the decision for Gengo to partner with them was an easy one. Payoneer’s global coverage and scalability made it an ideal partner that could support the needs and demands of Gengo’s growing translator community. With Payoneer, we can send payments to translators in over 200 countries and territories, and that coverage is constantly expanding.

If you’re a Gengo translator, click here to learn more.


Shoma Kimura

The author

Shoma Kimura

Shoma is Gengo’s Head of Translator Operations. Born and raised near Washington D.C., he studied economics in Scotland, and now lives in Tokyo. An avid traveler, his most memorable experiences have been dog sledding and watching the northern lights in Norway, attending the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, and watching the sunrise above the Buddhist temples of Myanmar.

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