Dakwak: Effortless localization

There are many ways to localize a website. But if you’re looking for an easy solution that requires very little developer time, Dakwak is a great new option. They call it “effortless localization”. And now, Dakwak is one of the latest services to integrate Gengo.

Dakwak Homepage

Dakwak works by instantly creating multiple language versions of your website, without you having to change any code. You can get started in minutes. It’s a great option for simple websites where you don’t want to spend a long time setting up a complex localization process.

From the start, Dakwak let you use machine translation or your own community to complete translations. But now you can order Gengo translations from Dakwak, allowing you to access the power and quality of our platform, all within their simple UI. We love this kind of integration because it combines a user-friendly tool with simple, scalable translation.

Dakwak Order screen

For the technically minded, Dakwak uses a proxy server to serve the French version of your website at fr.yoursite.dakwak.com. You can also configure this to your own domain name with a DNS change. Translations are stored on Dakwak, but can be accessed if you ever want to move to a more in-depth solution.

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