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6 best LinkedIn bloggers in the translation & localization industry

LinkedIn is a recruitment and social networking site where members can easily showcase their resume online. LinkedIn members can also publish blog posts on their profile about their personal career paths and translation and localization industry expertise. If you haven’t …



12 Active Translation & Language Accounts on Instagram

In the world of translation and languages, there is always more to learn. Keeping up with the latest lingo and tools, while continuing to improve your language skills, can be overwhelming especially for beginners. In this blog post, we introduce …



👑✨ Gengo’s 3 most popular translation & language articles in 2018

Curious which of our blog posts got the most attention in 2018? Take a look at Gengo’s most popular blog posts of the year.   1. Post-edited machine translation (PEMT) and the evolving role of translators Post-edited machine translation (PEMT) …



16 Best Translation & Language Influencers to Follow on Twitter

In the translation industry, there is always more to learn. Keeping up with the latest technological trends and industry standards can seem like an impossible task, especially if you’re just a beginner in the field. That’s why we at Gengo …



Japanese to English translation tips: Avoiding false cognates

Unlike translating between languages from the same family, a pitfall in Japanese to English translation is false cognates, where the target word is unmoored from its original context. Usually, when we think about false cognates within the same language family, …


language proficiency

How to maintain and improve language proficiency for your career

Learning a foreign language entails a great deal of motivation and hard work. But the next big challenge stems from maintaining language proficiency and keeping skills fresh, particularly when language is your source of income. Even when you’ve reached a …


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