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WordPress Translation

How to translate your multilingual WordPress theme

This is a guest post written by a Gengo partner. Penetration of your business into different countries around the world requires a lot of determination and the right tools to make the adaptation into foreign markets easier. One such tool …


chinese branding

Why your business needs a Chinese name

What’s in a name? If you’re in China—the world’s second largest economy—a lot. In a country where each character carries its own unique meaning, the characters used to transliterate a company’s name can make or break it. It’s easy to …


5 steps to selling internationally on Amazon

It’s no understatement to say that Amazon dominates online retail. With 11 marketplaces spread across North America, Europe and Asia, as well as customers in 180+ countries, the ecommerce giant connects retailers to millions of customers worldwide. By only listing …


Guide to cross-border localization

The cross-border ecommerce market is expected to more than double within the next five years, reaching $424 billion by 2021. In response, more and more businesses are stepping up their international strategies to increase visibility and sales in new …



5 tips for effective Chinese website localization

It’s the most populated nation on Earth, its biggest market, and the chief manufacturer of most of our goods. China is the largest market for ecommerce in the world, and its still growing, with predictions it will reach $1.1 trillion …



Guide to Global Sales, #4: Delighting customers

In the third step of our Guide to Global Sales series, we reviewed ways to close the deal with your international customers. The fourth and final stage of the funnel involves keeping your global customers happy. Just because they’ve …


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