Get ahead in business with this body language infographic

An infographic about body language

Throughout your daily communication with coworkers, friends, or family, you subconsciously make thousands of different gestures and expressions. Learn why and how people nonverbally communicate with this handy infographic.



Seiya Vogt

The author

Seiya Vogt

A New Yorker who has lived in Tokyo and San Francisco, Seiya runs Gengo's SEO/SEM efforts and is passionate about inbound marketing and search optimization. He loves implementing new strategies and keeps Kaizen at heart. When not at Gengo, he enjoys movies, rocking out at heavy metal concerts and cheering on Liverpool FC.

  • Audrey Smith

    Body language or nonverbal expressions reflect our actual frame of mind, positive or otherwise. Follow this link to learn about how you can use your body language to increase your influence,

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