We’ve partnered with 3Play Media to make video translation simple

Ever wondered how to make your videos globally accessible, searchable, and SEO friendly? It’s traditionally been hard to do: you’d have to work with a number of different vendors to get transcriptions, at quite a high cost, and the process used to be pretty clumsy. But now, Cambridge-based 3Play Media offers a world-class solution for video captions and transcriptions.

What’s even cooler is that starting today, they also provide a translation solution for all their customers, powered by Gengo’s Translation API.

3Play Media boasts clients like Procter & Gamble, Netflix, and T-Mobile, but more importantly, their integration with a variety of different platforms including YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, and Limelight allows for any company to sign up and get started. A large variety of tools gives users the options to edit their video clips and push them online making them a one-stop solution for video management.


That power has just received a turbo boost with the integration of Gengo’s translation platform into all of 3Play Media’s features. 3Play Media users can now translate their transcripts and subtitles into 31 languages using Gengo at the click of a button.

Enabling video content owners to publish translations through 3Play Media’s searchable and interactive transcripts will not only help increase video engagement but also open up content to new global audiences. It’s another cool example of how you can use our API and exactly the sort of partnership we look for. I’m already seeing loads of great content come through the integration.

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Robert Laing

The author

Robert Laing

Robert is one of Gengo's co-founders. He was born in Australia, and has lived in Melbourne, London, Hong Kong and Tokyo. Before founding Gengo, Rob was a designer and programmer, working for companies like Last.fm, The Brand Union and Dare Digital in London. Robert speaks enough Japanese to get into trouble, but not enough to get out.

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