Jessica Roland

MIIS Career Focus Day 2013: Introducing the Next Generation of Translators to Gengo


People begin translation careers in incredibly diverse ways—study, formal certification and volunteering are but a few traditional paths. In recent years, Gengo has added a new, flexible point of entry into the field.

We were excited to introduce this new option to students at last month’s Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS) Career Focus Day. The California-based institute is widely regarded as having one of the world’s top translation programs and produces an annual crop of language experts.

Our message to MIIS students: translating with Gengo is a great way for established translators to supplement their incomes and also a unique option for beginners with strong language skills. Why?

  1. Skills focus: we’re happy to work with anyone who can pass our translation tests and consistently translate to our standards

  2. Simplicity: we’ve taken job hunting, negotiating and invoicing out of the equation and created a flexible system that allows you to translate wherever you are, whenever you have time

  3. Growth: with individual performance dashboards, regular feedback and learning resources, we help you develop your skills and expertise

We also offer a built-in opportunity for translators to progress to higher qualifications. Translating at different quality tiers (Standard, Pro and Proofread) requires different skill levels and tailored exams. As translators move up the ranks, they gain access to more demanding jobs and higher earnings.

Marina’s story is perhaps the best example of this. Joining as a Standard level English to Russian translator in 2009, Marina quickly moved up the ranks to Pro, then Proofread level. In 2011, she became a Senior Translator and earlier this year moved to Tokyo to join the Gengo team as Senior Translator Coordinator.

Since speaking at MIIS, several students have gone on to become Gengo translators, and we’re thrilled to have them on the team. In our mostly online world, we don’t often have the chance to meet our translators in person, so this was a special treat. Thanks to MIIS organizers for making this happen.

So, are you ready to kick-start your translation career? Take our test today!

Jessica Roland
Jessica Roland
Jessica is Senior Director of Sales Development at Gengo. She comes from the client side of localization, with 15+ years of taking software products and websites global, for companies like EMC/Documentum, Yahoo! and Glassdoor. She loves working with industry colleagues to help influence the direction of globalization technology and practices, building toward a future where translation is everywhere!
  • David

    Gengo works great……its the platform that currently draws from a network of more than 9,000 pre-tested translators.


  • Arun

    Gengo works superbly. I wondered and planning to do create such one on my self. It is going to be next generation translation API. It can also utilize translation memories along the way. Even it can sell translation memory files like translation agency like us.