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  Jay Trinidad

Open Data: Gengo by the Numbers


Back in 2008, we were a much smaller company. We rang in 2009 just shy of 50 translators who had completed 3,405 words total. Almost six years later, we’re at an incredible 10,800+ translators and over 200 million words translated. …

  Kay Pham

Neteven Integrates with Gengo for One-Stop Online Marketplace Management


From webstore creation to inventory tracking, Neteven’s powerful software helps sellers manage the full sales cycle, all from a single platform. Its deep integration with major European marketplace channels such as and Zalando enables companies like Sony, Camper …

  Tina Koyama

Introducing the New Order Form


In the past, translation was slow, expensive and hard to access. But by combining technology with simple design, Gengo is helping anyone read and publish across languages with one click.

With our new order form, tasks like uploading multiple …

  Kay Pham

Zendesk + Gengo: Easy International Support


Adobe, Xerox and Airbnb are just a few of the 30,000+ global companies that use Zendesk’s powerful help desk software. Now, with the Gengo-powered Transfluent plugin, a single support agent can easily handle customer inquiries across multiple languages, …

  Robert Laing

We’re Sorry

This is a post to say sorry.

In the past few weeks, Gengo experienced a perfect storm of events. First, our servers took a hit due to increases in order volume, and high-frequency automated bot access by some translators. Second, …

  Richard Hatton

New Group Job Workspace


We’re excited to announce a new group job workspace for translators.

We’ve completely revamped the design, using your feedback and user research to inform our decisions at every stage. We also spent time to upgrade the core technology, making it …

  Shawn Smith

Improving our Development Process

Since I joined Gengo last year, we’ve made many improvements to the engineering process. At that time, there was no configuration management for our infrastructure (e.g., Puppet, Chef, etc.), almost no automated tests and no monitoring or visibility into service …

  Robert Laing

Why We’re Closing String

String, our app for localization, is shutting down on August 30th 2013.

Why are we shutting down String?
In short: Startups have to focus, and String was always a second priority. It didn’t receive the resources and love that it …

  Issam Zeibak

Gengo integrates with Magento to localize ecommerce websites


If you run an online store, there’s a good chance you’re using Magento. There are currently over 150,000 websites that use Magento’s powerful open-source ecommerce solutions, including brands like The North Face, Olympus and Nike.

By integrating with mega …

  Issam Zeibak

New Gengo plugin powers Drupal websites in 36 languages


With about 1,000,000 installations, including Twitter, The Economist, and even the White House, Drupal has become an extremely popular CMS, especially with global audiences.

So we’re very happy to announce that there’s now a way to translate content within Drupal. …