Sarah Siwak

Why you should sell internationally during the holidays


If you’re not selling overseas during this year’s holiday season, you’re missing out.

While the online holiday shopping season in the US lasts from Thanksgiving through Christmas, the global season is much longer, kicking off in early November and ending …

  Emily Benson

Basics: Translation vs. Localization


The language services industry loves making things complicated.

What’s transcreation? What about localization? Are they the same, and which service do I need for my business?…

  Robert Laing

Explore the Business Cultures of the World


At Gengo, we’re a mix of Silicon Valley, Tokyo, Melbourne and a dozen other places, so getting to know how different cultures do business is particularly interesting to us. After I moved to Japan from the UK seven years ago, …

  Shawn Smith

Go at Gengo


At Gengo, the engineering team is constantly working to create a better experience for our customers and translators. One of the ways we’re doing this is by using more of our favorite new technologies such as Go, an open source programming language.

  Tina Koyama

Olé, Olé, Olé! A World Cup Infographic


As an avid world soccer fan and Gengo’s Art Director, I’m excited to present our very own infographic dedicated to the World Cup: Timeline of Champions: 85 Years of Soccer

  Ken Yamada

No Machines Allowed: Four Tips for
Great Global SEO


In a time when most people find new products and services online, search engine optimization (SEO) is critical to great marketing.

Marketers often pour immense resources into SEO, from targeting great keywords down to structuring solid URLs. What most overlook, …

  Matthew Romaine

Gengo-dō: How to Build an International Team


Over the past four years, Gengo has grown from a tiny partnership to a full-time team of fifty spread across Tokyo, San Mateo and Singapore. For those building an international team from scratch, here’s what we’ve learned along the way.

  Ken Yamada

Getting Digital: Three Things to Consider When Marketing in Japan


With the world’s third largest economy, Japan is brimming with possibilities for companies thinking about taking a global leap. As with most countries, digital marketing should be high on the list of priorities. For US digital marketers, engaging a Japanese …

  Jessica Roland

Gengo Pulse on Globalization: Talking with Translators Without Borders


We often talk about helping businesses go global, but today we’d like to highlight the important role translation plays in helping improve (and often save) lives around the world.

Translators Without Borders (TWB) connects translators, corporations and non-profits to increase …

  Sarah Siwak

Basics: Using Glossaries for Consistency, Clarity


Need help using Gengo? Hitting a snag with text translation or site localization? In this series we’re taking it back to the basics.

Instead of repeatedly explaining terms in the comments section, you can maintain term consistency across multiple translation …