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  Shawn Smith

Go at Gengo


At Gengo, the engineering team is constantly working to create a better experience for our customers and translators. One of the ways we’re doing this is by using more of our favorite new technologies such as Go, an open source

  Shawn Smith

Improving our Development Process

Since I joined Gengo last year, we’ve made many improvements to the engineering process. At that time, there was no configuration management for our infrastructure (e.g., Puppet, Chef, etc.), almost no automated tests and no monitoring or visibility into service …

  Shawn Smith

Gengo ports GitHub Survivor to JIRA

At Gengo, we’re passionate about open source as well as squashing bugs in our codebase. That’s why when we read about the 99designs project, GitHub Survivor, we knew our engineers had to have it. The problem was we use …